The Death of Western Culture

The 20th century was one of profound philosophical and religious change in the Western world. It rapidly transitioned from an established Judaeo-Christian worldview where family-based welfare was supreme, human rights were being fought for and won, where obligation and a sense of civic duty were expected, where democracy expanded its franchise and was cherished, capitalism was in the ascendancy, human rights grew and freedom of speech was enshrined in law. That’s what set us apart from Fascism, Communism and the religions of the East and Middle East. Western culture came from deep Christian cultural roots and shared beliefs.

However, Judaeo-Christian views on origins were replaced in the early 20th century by evolutionary atheism. Thus the belief in intrinsic and unchangeable ethical values, social standards and sexual mores began to be questioned and abandoned. This process accelerated during the 1960’s, leading eventually to the unquestioned acceptance of any and all forms of sexual licence. The individual became his or her own god, freed from the fear of moral or religious consequence for their actions. We are just animals after all, and sex is central to the survival of our species.

Today this cult of the individual reigns supreme in the Western world. As a result of this selfishness, untold families have splintering, children suffer greatly increased physical and emotional trauma, and contraception has caused birth rates to plummet far below levels needed to maintain our population. Sexuality has become entertainment and sport. Sexual rights even trump all other human rights, child rights and religious rights. Freedom of speech is cleverly challenged by anti-discrimination and anti-offending laws of all stripes. The welfare state has encouraged personal, economic and social decline, and Islamic immigration threatens what’s left of the Judeo-Christian social fabric as it continues to demand privileges.

That’s the big picture. My question to you is this: How has this profound change effected your story, your family, your journey? I once asked a class I was teaching for a show of hands as to whose family had been deeply impacted by substance abuse. Three quarters of the class responded. In another class we listed on the whiteboard all the problems in society that are the result of unrestrained human sexuality. The list was huge, there were at least fifty devastating effects. We then started rubbing out all those that would not exist if everyone in society lived to the Biblical standard of sexuality. They all disappeared!

Ideas have consequences. The Western world is in a cultural and demographic death spiral. There is no law of nature that says it has to survive or culturally rule the world. We Westerners are paying the price for for turning from our creator and the truth he gave us through Jesus. There is always a price for believing lies.

Kevin Davis