So, What Do You Think Of Trump’s Iran Decision?

In the summer of 2015 we were walking through Vienna and came across a street full of TV vans and police patrolling a hotel. We were told it was the negotiating point for the US and Iran over the nuclear aspirations of Iran and the sanctions imposed by the US.

Yesterday Donald Trump ditched the deal. He said it was a shocker. The Israeli prime minister agrees and displayed a tonne of evidence last week. The liberal media is in a lather of course, with headlines pronouncing great instability ahead. Better to be nice than strong.

What everyone is forgetting is that Iran’s economy is collapsing. They rate third on the global misery index, just above Syria and Venezuela. Their inflation rate is now over 75% a year and rising fast. Their currency has lost a massive amount of purchasing power since 2013, most of it this year. They are on the brink of economic collapse and possible social upheaval. Their ability to finance overseas proxy wars is therefore also collapsing. Donald Trump knows this and is applying the needed pressure to being them to the table for a better deal. They will blink, just as North Korea did. If they don’t they may lose their heads in a coup.

Iran is home to the world’s fastest growing Christian community, at around 20% a year. The government rules in the name of Shia Islam. Persecution is horrid. The people hate their government, and therefore many also hate Islam. This is not unique to the Muslim world but is more advanced in Iran as it has had an Islamic government longer than most and the youth of the country just want to be free. They know their government is destroying their country and they are looking for answers, not in Atheism, but in the one true religion that was once, in the 7th Century, the countries dominant faith. If current trends continue for another fifty to one hundred years Iran will be an emerging Christian democracy and superpower of the Middle East…if current trends continue!

Well done Donald. It takes a bully to deal with bullies.

Kevin Davis