House Church Growth Indian Style

Church Growth Indian Style

In 2009, when attending the world house church conference, I met a leader of a house church movement who graciously sent me his annual report a few months after. I cannot give names as the Indian government is growing increasingly alarmed at the growth they are seeing under their nose!

Although this report is for 2009, it is instructive for us as it gives us an insight into the amazing work that is currently going on in India. The movement from 10 million to 110 million believers that occurred in China last century is now being repeated in India. The following charts summarise the growth for that year in the heartland of Hinduism, North India. I would not be surprised to see many more than 110 million Indian believers by 2050 as this movement is firmly embedded inside the Hindu culture. For the last few centuries church planting has been done using a western model and has been unable to penetrate the Hindu culture to any large extent. This is now changing as you can see below.

Model New House churches 2009 Total House Churches Baptisms in 2009 Total Believers at end of 2009
Urban Outreach 736 2,148 7,382 26,451
Rural Outreach 2,644 8,832 25,598 94,622
Muslim Outreach 116 584 694 2,711
Totals 3,499 11,564 33,674 123,784


State Believers at end of 2009 House churches at end of 2009
Utta Pradesh 61,209 6,175
Rajisthan 23,148 2,034
Panjab 10,675 1,065
Haryana 1,1517 1,020
Delhi 17,235 1,270




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