Movie Review:”God’s Not Dead”

Its not often I get to go to a Christian movie at the local theatres, so I thought I would check it out, along with all the other local Christians. The film was called “Gods Not Dead” and its a film squarely designed for the very large American Christian audience.

Let me begin by saying that in the United States there have been many attempts by militant atheists to ban Christian witness from university campuses. These battles have been fought out in the courts and at the end of “God’s Not Dead” you will get to see a list of approximately 30 of them in the credits. I was disappointed to have to wait to the end to see these as the credits actually say in print that they are the inspiration for the making of the film. I believe they should have been put front and centre at the beginning, or at least something to the effect that it was the court cases that inspired the film. Audiences would see the film in a different light if they had this information.

The film tracks the journey of a young Christian first year university student who enrols in philosophy 101 and is confronted with a lecturer with the aggressive agenda of inculcating atheism into all his students. The rest of the film is the battle that ensues when the young Christian cannot deny his faith in class. This is a scenario played out thousands of times each day across any secular university in a western country.

I can remember debating my Marxist sociology lecturer back in the late 1970’s on whether humans are innately selfish (my side) or whether it is the capitalist social structure that makes them that way (his side). It is a sad indictment on the church that Atheism thinks it owns the university arena. Christianity has cowardly backed away from challenging the stupidity of this bankrupt philosophy, and it is all because most mainstream denominations have caved in to the evolutionary doctrine. My daughters experience of a major university campus in Brisbane recently suggests that the attitude of most young people is becoming ever more militant and aggressive in its attack on the faith that built western culture.

Anyway back to the film. There are sloppy, evangelical sections where slightly unbelievable things happen. But then there are the clever sub-plots that include a secret believer from a Muslim background who is banished from her family when discovered, and a mainland Chinese student who finally declares his faith via phone to his dad who is a high ranking business man and in the Party. These remind us of the real cost there is to follow Jesus in most parts of the world.

The film finishes at a Christian rock concert in the local city hosted by the News Boys. This is where I get to brag. The News Boys fist started about four kilometres from where I am writing in my home town of Maroochydore, Queensland. Peter Furler, the son of local pastor Bill Furler and his friend George Perdikis were the driving force behind its creation. You can even still hear an Aussie accent on one of the band members in the film. Peter Furler’s picture appears below:

Yes it is worth seeing as it is a faith builder and gives you an insight into the ferocious ideological battle being waged on our university campuses as we speak.

God bless


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