I Took My Dog For A Walk Today

Now, before you dismiss this blog, it is not about the dog, but is a reflection of our relationship with God.

Charlie is my daughters dog. We are babysitting her for a year or so. Charlie is a mutt, half American Staffy and half Rhodesian Ridgeback, so one ear is up and the other flops!. She is a huge sook, loves every one and craves attention. She whines each morning at sunrise for her morning run. Yesterday it rained, so at 6.45 am today, I took her to a park that would normally have half a dozen dogs present. Today there was water everywhere and we were alone so she could run to her hearts content. She chased bush turkeys, cranes, ducks and Ibises at full speed for an hour. It was comical watching her do 360’s at full speed in ankle deep water-logged grass time after time.

But while that was happening I was praying and some interesting thoughts came to mind which I will share. They relate to our relationship with God.

1. Charlie’s movements were random, but every minute or so she would look up to make sure she could still see me. That’s what we do when we pray, we are checking in with God.

2. Charlie was having amazing fun running at full speed instead of lounging in the back yard, and it delighted my heart. That’s how God feels when we are living our lives to the fullest, using our gifts, talents and energy to the full, especially for him.

3. Charlie’s eyes are not the  best, so at two hundred metres she would have difficulty seeing where I was. At that point I would have to call her name so she could get an audio cue as to where she was in relation to me. When we too are out of range from God and have wandered off, he will call us back, if we will listen.

4. Even though Charlie was not aware of it, I was watching her constantly, and would make sure we did not get too close to the main road. God is also constantly watching over us as our Father, steering us away from the dangers of life.

5. I did not need to speak to her constantly, just watch. But when I did speak, she knew my voice. Life is like that. God does not constantly communicate with us. But when he does speak to me I certainly know when it happens.

Needless to say Charlie is now filthy, tired, happy and content to be lounging in the back for the rest of the day!