The Origin of Language

Number of living human languages: 6912

Number of those languages that are nearly extinct: 516

Language with the greatest number of native speakers: Mandarin Chinese

Language spoken by the greatest number of non-native speakers: English

Papua New Guinea has 820 living languages!!!

First language ever written: Sumerian or Egyptian (about 3200 BC)

Oldest written language still in existence: Chinese or Greek (about 1500 BC)

Language with the most words: English, with approximately 250,000 distinct words.

English is also fast becoming the world’s universal language.

The number of different ‘language families’ vary and are difficult. But they are generally in the vicinity of some 8 to 20 (commonly 12 or 13)

All major languages are running downhill in terms of their syntax (structure). Ancient languages were much more complex in structure and pure in form than modern languages. This is the opposite of evolutionary theory.

Most languages are going uphill in terms of vocabulary, due to recent human input and increased technology

All languages have remained roughly equal in terms of their semantics (meaning) throughout out their history. All cultures have produced roughly equally complex languages

Which means any human can learn another’s language!

Many languages change rapidly in a few hundred years, then remained static for hundreds of years. English from 1600 is very readable today, but English from 1300 is incomprehensible.

English spelling was only standardised in the 1800’s with the wide-spread use of dictionaries

Each of the 12-13 language families is completely distinct from all others. The do not have a common ancestry

All of the facts above, especially those highlighted in italics, fit perfectly with the Biblical origin of language.


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