Saudi Arabia and China: Spiritual Twins?

I’ve been reading a lot lately on geopolitics: China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, The Arab states, Iran, India, the USA etc. All the gang that will be influential in the world by the end of the century. It’s endlessly fascinating! What struck me while reading were the sub-surface similarities between Saudi Arabia and China. On the surface they are culturally worlds apart, but spiritually they are twins.

But first let’s lay some groundwork for that left-field statement.

The geographical and biological world is a physical expression of Gods infinite mind, spirit and gracious heart. Likewise, the cultural and political world is usually an expression of humanity’s inner spiritual darkened heart. Just like a person’s home is an outward expression of their mind and heart, so too this holds on the national level. The spiritual realm is the foundation to everything in the physical realm.

This is why it was no accident that Jesus was confronted with the offer of earthly political power by a spiritual being named Satan in the three great temptations in Matthew 4:1-11. Satan had great control over the affairs of men and empires. Jesus also knew the power behind the Pharisee’s manic desire for cultural power over his fellow countrymen was spiritual in nature and came from Satan’s lust for power (John 8:42-59). He taught his followers that Satan’s aim with all cultures is to steal, kill and destroy the redemptive work of God (John 10:10). The world is far more spiritual than us thickheaded materialistic Westerners realise. This is why the lust for unrestrained power runs so deep in most of the world’s governments.

Satan offers power, Jesus offers love. They are the two greatest forces in the world. This is why prayer matters.

Looking past the surface of the cultures and politics I’d been reading about, I could see many similarities in the spiritual brokenness, lust for unbridled power, demonic power bases and unseen control centers behind the politics and culture in many of the above countries. This does not mean the Western countries are free of demonic influence. Demonic influence is gaining ground in the West by the day and sexual politics is the pointy end of Satan’s spear! But that’s another topic for another day.

Now, back to the topic.

In my reading there were two countries that stood out as very spiritually similar: Saudi Arabia and China. If Satan’s methodology is to steal, kill and destroy the work of God then please take note of the following blunt indicators of his influence:

  1. Both countries are totalitarian states
  2. Both are run by ruthless entrenched power elites
  3. Both have power elites are deeply insecure about their privileged positions
  4. Both were born out of violence early in the 20th Century
  5. Both are ideologically driven to take over the world
  6. Both are run by violent narcissistic psychopaths entrenched for life
  7. Both use jack-booted thought-police to control their people’s access to ideas and the truth
  8. Both use violence to wipe out minorities they don’t like
  9. Both are using or threatening violence on neighbouring countries
  10. Both are actively exporting deeply repulsive, violent and intolerant ideologies
  11. Both believe that their particular ideology is pre-ordained to rule the world
  12. Both are rapidly growing their military strength
  13. Both constantly threaten weaker states around them
  14. Both detest true Christianity and violently persecute Christians

These political parallels point to powerful spiritual demonic strongholds in both countries that have kept their people from the truth and grace of God for centuries. The Western secular media doesn’t see this deeper level of motivation and activity. They just call it human nature. It’s more. It’s spiritual evil on a grand scale, inspired by Satan and designed to steal, kill and destroy the work of God’s grace on earth.

But there is good news here. The Gospel is now exploding globally and that includes inside Saudi Arabia and China in a way not seen since the fifth Century. Underground church networks are popping up everywhere in Saudi Arabia as I write. Over in China some 7% of that massive country are now born-again believers and the church grows by 3% annually against stagnant population growth.

The ancient spiritual strongholds of Satan are now crumbling, and it is because of faithful intercession by millions of “powerless” followers of Jesus that have cracked the castle walls of Satan’s fortresses in both countries. The rest of this century will see exciting mass people movements flooding into the Kingdom of God in both Saudi Arabia and China. His kingdom WILL come and his every goal for the earth WILL be fulfilled, just as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10, 28:18-20)

The spiritual realm is much more powerful and important than the physical, cultural, and political.

So, keep praying for the nations.

Not a single prayer is lost or wasted!!!!

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