Healed of Migraines Twice: 46 Years Apart

The First Time

When I was 15 years old, I received a nasty hit to the head while playing a game of rugby league. An hour later I was carted off to hospital with extreme dizziness, eye complications and a throbbing headache. Eventually I vomited and recovered. That was my first migraine. That was 1976.

Six months later I got another one. Then again three months later. Eventually I was getting one a week or more. Not happy Mildred! By this time I had given my life to Jesus and was suffering my way through Year 11 high school not knowing what to do next.

Then a miracle happened. I was attending a Christian meeting and the speaker announced that there was a young man present who was suffering from migraines. I knew it was me and after he prayed for me, I absolutely knew I was healed. I just knew it. No evidence. I simply knew. There’s no other way to explain it. that was 1977.

The next migraine I got was a whole year later after running into the sun for a long distance while on the school cross country. No hat of course. The next was about 10 years later after sitting on a beach facing west for hours. No hat again! Then nothing for many years, perhaps one a decade until 2015.

The Second Time

That year I was in Croatia on holiday and ate some bad tinned fish. A shocking migraine erupted not long after. Several more came in the years that followed. Nothing to worry about at this stage. I just put up with them as an occasional “headache” (dad joke intended). Then early in 2020 I decided to start giving blood at the local Red Cross blood bank. They told me I could donate every two weeks, so I did.

Big mistake.

Soon after the donations started I began getting regular migraines again every few weeks. Once my doctor and I joined the dots and realised it was the blood donations I quit. However, the migraines kept coming every two or three weeks. I dosed up on vitamins and minerals to replenish what had been drained but the migraines kept coming. I experimented with different foods but to no avail.

Then recently I was studying Matthew chapters eight and nine for many weeks. Sounds a bit strange, but I just got stuck on those two chapters like I’ve never been stuck before. It was fun. I kept reading about healings and miracles. In fact, there are ten miracles in those two chapters, it’s quite amazing. Being the intellectual type, I was not thinking of myself while reading these accounts, just imagining what it would have been like to be in the crowds. But slowly I noticed Jesus constantly responded to each person’s faith/expectation. Here are a few examples:

  1. To the Centurion: He has greater faith than anyone I have encountered in Israel.
  2. To the disciples in the storm: Why are you gripped with fear. Where is your faith?
  3. To the bleeding woman: My daughter be encouraged. Your faith has healed you.
  4. To the two blind men: You will have what your faith expects.

As slow and as skeptical as I am, I eventually realised it was up to me. I had to have an expectation in my soul that it was my time for healing. I had step up and make scripture personal. After pondering these two chapters for several months I woke up one day different. I knew I was healed. I just knew!

That was six weeks ago.

Now you’re the skeptical one! You’re dubious about whether I am really healed, but that’s irrelevant. I KNOW I am healed because it’s the same knowing I had in 1977. Faith is the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1). Never a truer word was spoken! Its in your gut. Its deep in your bones. Its going to shape my future. The deal is done. I’m like Walt Disney before his first theme park was built. It was in his heart and soul, but there was no evidence on the ground. He made history. Same here, on a slightly smaller scale.

So, what miracle do you need? If you want it bad enough then get into scripture and start building your faith!

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper and said, Of course I want to heal you, be healed. And instantly all signs of leprosy disappeared! (Matthew 8:3)


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