The Transgender Agenda


From seemingly out of nowhere, we in the western world have been slapped in the face with an avalanche of propaganda about the truth “fact” and self-righteous merits of transgender recognition, often referred to as gender dysphoria. TV documentaries investigate it. Popular media has embraced it, government news outlets promote it, universities take it as a given, government agencies promote it in our schools and the courts are now enforcing it on the medical profession. Ten years ago this issue did not exist in the public consciousness. Since then it has exploded into the media and quickly became an unquestionable social truth. This essay tells you the real truth about gender dysphoria from an Australian perspective, but the same issues are being debated right across the western world. So, where did this sudden cultural left-turn come from?

The 20th century was one of profound philosophical and religious change in the western world. It rapidly transitioned from an established Judaeo-Christian worldview where family-based welfare was supreme, human rights were being fought for and won, where obligation and a sense of civic duty were expected, where democracy expanded its franchise and was cherished, capitalism was in the ascendancy, human rights grew and freedom of speech was enshrined in law. That’s what set us apart from Fascism, Communism and the religions of the East and Middle East. Western culture came from deep Christian cultural roots and shared beliefs.

However, Judaeo-Christian views on origins were replaced in the early 20th century by evolutionary atheism. Thus the belief in intrinsic and unchangeable ethical values, social standards and sexual mores began to be questioned and abandoned. This process accelerated during the 1960’s, leading eventually to the unquestioned acceptance of any and all forms of sexual licence. The individual became his or her own god, freed from the fear of moral or religious consequence for their actions. We are just animals after all, and sex is central to the survival of our species.

Today this cult of the individual reigns supreme in the western world. As a result of this selfishness, untold families have splintering, children suffer greatly increased physical and emotional trauma and contraception has caused birth rates to plummet far below levels needed to maintain our population. Sexuality has become entertainment and sport. Sexual rights trump all other human and religious rights. Freedom of speech is challenged by anti-discrimination laws of all stripes. The welfare state has encouraged personal, economic and social decline, and Islamic immigration threatens what’s left of the Judeo-Christian social fabric as it continues to demand privileges.

Feminists in the 1960’s and 70’s were the first to begin disconnecting gender from biology and linking it with social identity. After winning the homosexual revolution in the 1990’s, gay activists moved on to connect gender with sexual orientation. The intellectual justification for homosexuality, queer theory, takes the view that gay men really want to be women and lesbians really want to be men. It was a small step from that assumption for gay academics like Judith Butler and Ros Ward to make gender identity a prime issue in homosexual resistance to mainstream social norms. If sexuality and gender are merely social constructs, then let’s shift the goalposts! Sexual practices condemned throughout human history are then intellectually justified and self-evident. If we are the mere products of chance and evolution then there are no social rules that cannot be challenged.

Queer theory also teaches that any sexual orientation reflects a legitimate identity and is not to be seen as a problem to be fixed. It is anathema for this movement to conceive or allow any agency, government private or religious, to suggest these behaviours can change. Great media attention is given to those who self-harm and suicide when parents try to stop their children becoming transgender. No publicity is given to those who suicide because of they undergo transgender treatments. Laws throughout the western world have now moved sharply to reflect this radical gay ideology which flies in the face of reality. The transgender agenda and identity politics have thus become a key platform for destroying existing western values. Barack Obama’s transgender toilet laws were but one high profile example of this dangerous social engineering.

The consequence of this enormous philosophical/social/sexual revolution is that we now live in the most sexually saturated culture in the history of the human race. This has allowed pornography to become normal and normalised among teenagers, even down to primary school. Average first exposure is at 11 years of age. Pornography usage is at 90% by the time a young man enters university. Most paedophiles are actually young men, saturated in pornography. Girls are being shamed and abused in a way that will make you blush. It is now expected of them. Homosexuality has been normalised in the media. Any and all forms of sexual experimentation is now expected and “cool” among millennials.

The logical outworking of this radical atheistic movement is the ongoing ascendancy all types of sexual and transgender rights, and the implementation of a form of cultural Marxism as these rights were slowly entrenched in law, forbidding all public dissent. We are now dealing with a very determined gay and transgender agenda seeking to destroy the Judao-Christian worldview and recreate western society in its own image. All who object to their plans are dismissed as intolerant and labelled as “bigots”.


Which leads us to today’s rapidly evolving state of affairs. In this cultural crusade, language is a weapon. Older people can remember that gender once meant the biological sex you were born into. With the rise of feminism and the evolution of language, it became a term that referred to the psychological and cultural characteristics associated with one’s biological sex. Transgender activists have now taken this use of language further, arguing that a person’s gender can be anything you want, unrelated to biology. Thus gender went from being an external physical concept to a purely subjective internal state of mind, from a disorder to an identity. Facebook now offers users a choice of many gender identities. Theoretically it could run to 7.4 billion as it is simply a state of mind, can change tomorrow morning, and is a purely idiosyncratic construct.  Gender is now a potent and politically constructed weapon of social revolution.

Where the social acceptance of these sexually-ideological concepts goes, the law follows. Our rapidly sexualised culture has resulted in the normalisation of laws and statutes once unthinkable. Under the recent labor government, Australia changed at least 85 laws to remove every piece of “discrimination” against gay men, lesbians, and same sex couples. Transgender recognition has recently been added to, and enshrined in Australian anti-discrimination law. Eventually Australian law will also reflect full acceptance of same-sex marriage. The combined effect in merely three areas of law; discrimination, birth certificate, and marriage will become a very powerful legal framework to force education and health professionals to toe the philosophical line of the radical left-wing sexual activists.

Fortunately, none other than the highly esteemed American College of Paediatricians (ACP) staunchly strongly resists this political surge for transgender rights and declares, in no uncertain terms, that gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder. More on that later. The ACP estimates the rate of gender dysphoria in society is actually less than 1%, of the population, with the ratio of boys being many-fold higher than girls. Even though it is thus a tiny social issue, it is now at the pointy end of a culture war coming to a community, school, neighbourhood, church or club near you. I know a high school principal who had their first student emerge this year, 2017. The comment was that government protocols for schools are way behind the transgender movement. There is now no questioning or challenging the core philosophy of this movement without risking institutional and legal rebuke.

Crucial to the transgender campaign is the process of giving children extensive sexual rights above those of significant adults, especially parents. Children are being steadily sexualised and elevated to a position where they have full control over all aspects of their sexuality. This autonomy ranges from abortion outside parental consent, same sex attraction, the normalisation of pornography, becoming sexually active at younger ages, sexualised fashion and transgender identification. Children are being given full legal rights to choose practices that are known in the scientific literature to cause great harm, and do not follow established and wise adult norms, thrashed out over thousands of years of trial and error. This change of perception and law has made the state the go-to vehicle for creating mass change in social norms. Here are several examples:

  1. Transgender disorder has also now been federally funded and promoted as “normal” in state funded schools, cleverly disguised as an anti-bullying program. I will explain this in detail in the next section.
  2. It is also now a criminal offence to “offend” anyone who considers themselves transgender. A person’s internal, subjective feeling of being offended are the only criteria needed for bring a complaint before the law if you voice your objections in public and they feel hurt.
  3. In the state of Victoria children under the age of 18 years are having physical gender changes in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code. The law in that state was changed in February 2017 and now a health professional has no legal protection if they try to stop such a procedure.
  4. In Ontario, Canada, parliament recently passed Bill 77 banning sexual conversion therapy. It was sponsored by the influential Canadian MP, the Reverend Cheri DiNovo. When confronted by Professor John Whitehall from Sydney with the fact that about 90% of transgender people grow out of their feelings by adulthood, DiNovo said she was unaware of the research. So much for evidence-based law-making!
  5. The head of Canada’s leading research unit into child sexuality, Kenneth Zucker of The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, had to resign and the unit shut down right after the Ontario bill was passed. Using internationally reputable science, it advocated conversion therapy as a healthy way to deal with transgender kids.
  6. Under Ontario law medical practitioners are now legally liable if they do not comply with wishes of children who wish to undergo a gender change. Discrimination law is the Australian political “axe” by which activists will enforce similar gay and transgender rights against public opinion and opposition of any kind.
  7. In a related incident, but in the area of same-sex marriage, the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart has been hauled before the anti-discrimination commission for offending a lesbian member of the Tasmanian Greens political party. His crime was to send out a pastoral letter to all Catholics upholding traditional marriage as a Christian virtue, while encouraging compassion toward those of a different view. These ever-more frequent challenges to Judeo-Christian norms are the hallmarks of the transition to an authoritarian state.


Into this bonfire of destroyed human dignity, confused identity, social engineering and political steamrolling comes the falsely-titled Safe School Program. It is funded by the Australian Federal government across several states and will be compulsory in every single Victorian school, state and private, from 2018. Under the pretext of an anti-bullying platform, it cleverly promotes the idea that sexuality is fluid, gender is disposable and anyone who questions it is a bully and a bigot. Its core philosophy tells children that humans are no longer born into a biological sexuality, but can invent and choose any sexuality for themselves. The child is promoted as the king of its own sexual destiny, free of any adult interference or wisdom. This legalisation of various child sexual rights is the core of the transgender and “Safe Schools” push. Other similar programs are on the cards as part of the new Australian national curriculum.

So where did this radical and controversial program come from? Roz Ward, Marxist academic from La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society designed the program. In language that would make 1916 Russian revolutionaries proud, she told the 2015 Melbourne Marxist Conference that the capitalist class uses the government, courts, churches, media and culture to impose conventional notions of male and female, sex, marriage and natural family on society to “break the spirits of ordinary people” and inhibit their sexual freedom. She sees sexual liberation as the weapon to loosen those capitalist bonds on culture and the economy. Her solution:

Marxism offers both the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today, because Marxism has a theory of social change.”

This radical Marxist/transgender/homosexual agenda goes right down to the ultimate question: what is a human being? It exposes a fundamental philosophical conflict between those who believe in the normal binary nature of human biology and those who believe in a non-binary fluid view of sexuality where humans are gods. It is an attempt to overturn what our creator and destiny have decided. In the Safe Schools program, Year 7-8 children are being told their gender is as yet unsolidified and they are free to choose from a smorgasbord of choice. They are told that sexual orientation is who you are attracted to and gender identity is who you identify as. If it is a continuum, then every human can choose any one of dozens of genders, defying biology. If these values are instilled in millions of minds it becomes brilliant Marxist propaganda for the overthrow of a civilisation!

The other architect of the Safe Schools program, Gary Dowsett is actually on the public record as advocating paedophilia. His 1982 statements are truly shocking. These two radicals and others of the same ilk are using tax dollars to push an agenda that is literally grooming children across Australia for a future of sexual confusion and emotional pain. In their ideal world, all children will be sexualised before maturity, many will become homosexual, and eventually the laws about paedophilia will be challenged. After all, laws are simply reflections of changing social norms.

Now let’s look at some “Safe Schools” resources. In a Safe Schools resource book called “The Gender Fairy”, young primary school children are told “only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you”. Another of their booklets asserts that, “There are many genders beyond just ‘male’ and ‘female’; gender can be fluid and limitless” and that transgender people can be “lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, straight or something else”. Safe Schools literature also states that 10% of all young people identify as “same-sex attracted”. But this compares with only 1.6% in other surveys. The overwhelming majority of Australians describe themselves as heterosexual and partner up in heterosexual relationships.

The Safe Schools website also has links that will take you to information about oral sex for youth, gay bars, sex shops, LGBT organisations and videos, sex toy workshops and sex clubs. A government funded group called MINUS18 provides 80% of resources for the Safe Schools program. It is an overtly homosexual organisation with close links with the seedy underworld of the gay movement. The sexualisation of kids is now being institutionalised and funded by taxpayers! The Safe Schools program is nothing less than a legal, government-funded homosexual grooming program being forced on unsuspecting children and parents on a mass scale. It is designed to destroy heterosexuality and the family, which are anathema to both radical homosexuals and Marxists. In these videos you will hear of children and parents who object to the program now being bullied by teachers and schools. Ros Ward’s advice to them is, ”tuff!”.

This is how a culture is hollowed out from the inside. Get the youth, destroy their moral compass and turn them on their parent culture. It was the tried and true weapon of Pol Pot in Cambodia and of all radicals, dictators, Marxists and revolutionaries down through time. Now it’s our turn and the transgender agenda is a cultural battle coming to your community.


Geneticists have known for decades that while genes and hormones influence behaviour, they do not hard-wire a person to think, feel, or behave in a particular way. The new sciences of epigenetics and neuroplasticity have established that genes are not rigid blueprints for behaviour. Rather, humans develop traits through the dynamic process of gene/environment interaction. Genes don’t determine who we are.

Twin studies of adult transsexuals definitively prove that genetic and hormone influence is irrelevant to transgender identity. The largest study of twin transsexual adults found that only 20% of identical twins were both transgender. This is impossible if transgender is genetically determined and consistent with the high rates of resolution of gender dysphoria documented among children when they are not encouraged to impersonate the opposite sex. These results also support the theory that persistent gender disorder is due to the impact of environmental influences upon vulnerable children. The concept of a “feminized” or “masculinized” brain being “born in the wrong body” is thus an ideological myth that has no basis in scientific reality.

So where does gender dysphoria come from? If it is not genetic then there is only one cause possible, the child’s environment. Social reinforcement, parental emotion and psychology, family dynamics, physical or mental abuse, neglect, school experiences, the neighbourhood and emerging social trends all contribute to the development and/or persistence of gender dysphoria. But, as with homosexuality, it is mainly experience within the family that leads to transgender feelings and homosexual orientation. Below is a short list of known familial causes of gender dysphoria as provided by the American College of Paediatricians who insist we call it gender disorder, not gender identity:

  1. In some cases poor parental psychology is at the root of transgender feelings in their children. Most parents of children with transgender disorder recall their initial reactions to their child’s cross-sex dressing and other cross-sex behaviours to have been tolerance and/or encouragement. Among parents who wished they had a child of the opposite sex this reaction can sometimes be extremely strong.
  2. A large body of clinical literature documents that fathers of feminine boys report spending far less time with their sons between the ages of two and five as compared with fathers of control boys. Feminine boys thus feel closer to their mothers than to their fathers. The increasing prevalence of single parent families is a significant cause of gender disorder.
  3. It has also been found that among children with transgender disorder, the rate of maternal depression and bipolar disorder is very high, in the order of 50-60%. In addition, a majority of the fathers of transgender disorder boys are easily threatened, exhibit difficulty with affect regulation, and possess an inner sense of inadequacy. Most often, the parents fail to support one another, and have difficulty resolving marital conflicts.
  4. It is now a well-established fact that social pressure, media profiling, social media and educational programs are significant causes of the recent large spike in children self-diagnosing as transgender. Many are autistic, a group highly vulnerable to social conditioning. This group is significantly over-represented among gender disorder youth.
  5. There is a well-known causal link between childhood physical, psychological and sexual abuse and adulthood homosexuality. Given the strong tendency of transgender children who do not normalise to go on to homosexual lifestyles, it is not surprising to find that childhood adversity actually predicts same-sex sexual attraction, partners, and identity.
  6. According to the ACP, clinical observations suggest that when the relationship between mother and daughter is distant and marked by conflict, this may lead the daughter to dis-identify from her mother’s gender. In other cases, masculinity is praised while femininity is devalued by the parents.
  7. Clinical research suggests that somewhere between 80-95% of people who feel they were born in the wrong body will normalise their gender feelings by the age in adulthood. They grow out of it, it goes away! Their thinking realigns with their biology, they normalise in the true sense of the word normal because they begin to agree with the reality of the way they are built and designed.

The norm for human development is for an individual’s thoughts to align with physical reality, for an individual’s gender identity to align with biologic sex. People who identify as transgender do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women. Gender disorder is a problem that resides in the mind not in the body.

Allowing a child to take puberty blocking drugs or undergo gender reassignment surgery (castration) is therefore dangerous in the extreme. It is treating normal sexual development as a disease to be eradicated. Lifelong toxic hormone treatments and mental/emotional instability are a fact of life for those who go down the path of deliberate physical gender suppression or change. Some have tried to commit suicide to escape their mistake. It is to this topic that we now turn.


What is the treatment for childhood gender dysphoria? There are three categories. The first, known as “conversion” or “reparative therapy”, is the attempt to make the child more comfortable in its birth sex and lead it gently away from identification with the opposite gender. The philosophy behind this therapy is that gender dysphoria is a symptom of dysfunction. This process is anathema to the transgender and gay community as it exposes their own biological dysfunction. Sexual activists are successfully pushing for this practice to be banned in many jurisdictions.

The second treatment may be called “waiting and watching” while making the child comfortable in its birth sex until it grows out of it. It allows the child to “play at the opposite sex until maturity. Some 90% of transgender children do grow out of their feelings. Most of the other 10% become homosexuals.

The third treatment is called “affirmative therapy” and involves supporting a transition to the opposite gender. That’s where the pharmaceutical companies and doctors come in. This process begins with the blocking of puberty with drugs. It is literally treating sexual maturity as a disease. This is followed with stimulation of cross-sex features with hormones, in preparation for the possibility of later surgical intervention. The mind boggles with the problems associated with following these options but then the child grows out of their transgender feelings later on.

Drugs are now available that are similar to the body’s natural hypothalamic hormones. If injected in slow-release form, these puberty blockers will exert a sustained effect, exhausting receptors and blocking puberty. They’ve been used since the 1990’s for transgender puberty suppression. There is widespread belief the human body will reverse if they are no longer used, however long term effects are unknown and would be hard to verify. The puberty-blocked child is always physically left behind by its developing peers and this in itself may provoke distress.

The puberty-blocked child will be asked to approve progression to the final and most traumatic stage. Most children who start puberty blockers continue to the administration of enough hormones of the opposite sex to evoke and sustain its characteristics. The hormones are given for life and must be monitored for significant side-effects that include heart disease, chemical castration, cancers of the opposite sex and psychiatric disorders. Some clinics commence therapy as early as fourteen, against the wishes of the Endocrine Society.

Finally and sadly, sex realignment surgery may be performed from eighteen years. Professor John Whitehall from Western Sydney University describes this profoundly disturbing procedure better than I can:

“As the grandeur of realignment surgery may not be appreciated by a lay audience, it may be helpful to consider some details of the fate towards which children on affirmation therapy are headed. There are various components, and not all patients progress to the final package, but the project will usually include relatively simple surgical procedures of castration, removal or augmentation of breast tissue, reduction in the size of the Adam’s apple, and alteration of body hair.”

“Construction of alternate genitals is another matter. These surgeries are difficult, often multi-staged, fraught with complications, and limited in outcome.” 

“Creating ersatz female genitals is easiest: an orifice is created in the perineum, lined with skin from a filleted penis and, sometimes, deepened by transplanted bowel. The scrotum forms labia. The glans is grafted above the orifice and the urethral tube is shortened.”

“Creating male genitals is harder. One surgeon declared that “the task assumes nearly Herculean dimensions” but this underestimates the ingenuity and range of objectives while exaggerating results. Hercules was always successful: creation of a penis is not. Some patients settle for a clitoris enlarged by male hormones. Others aspire to a penetrative organ, or at least one that can deliver urine when its owner is standing. In these cases, a shaft may be attempted from tissue grafted from thigh or even forearm and stiffened with a length of bone. Reversing the biblical account of the origin of females, bone from a woman’s rib may now turn her into someone with a male phallus. A glans may be fashioned from a graft of inner-skin and the tube that delivers urine may be lined with mucous membranes from the mouth. The appearance of a scrotum may be achieved by creating a sac from the labia and inserting two artificial testicles.”

“Though techniques are improving with practice, complications are protean. Grafts may die, holes fill in, tubes obstruct, openings appear, bones protrude, bowels perforate and germs invade but, all in all, the result may be “aesthetically and functionally pleasing” to the recipient.”

Any way you look at it, medical treatment of gender dysphoria is not pretty. Since around 90% of children grow out of their feelings one can only wonder at the future psychological state of most of those unsuspecting children and parents who go through these procedures. They are the guinea pigs and pawns of a brave new social/political world whose architects aim is to liberate society from “oppressive” gender constructs.


Let’s begin with the issue of homosexuality as this is the fertile soil upon which the transgender movement sprouted. There is a popular myth in western society that people are born homosexual, that it is a genetic determined identity they must accept, rather than a behavioural problem that has roots in dysfunction. This myth has no grounds in reality. Even the American Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists (AAGLP), has publicly said that

There are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological aetiology for homosexuality”.

In plain English they are telling us that they see no biological cause to homosexuality. This makes perfect sense because if homosexuality is genetic then so is the drive to be a paedophile, and then we would have to empty out the prisons. Study after study demonstrates beyond doubt that most homosexual behaviours originate in dysfunctional childhood relationships. The homosexual community is hurting, angry and self-justifying. Like most of us, it is easier for them to rationalize their behaviour than to face its painful roots. They deserve compassion, but not blind tolerance of their radical political agenda.

Gender dysphoria is the current poster child of the homosexual movement. Recently it was same-sex marriage. Once again society is being asked to accept apolitically motivated identity rather than examine for dysfunction. Since 90% grow out of a transgender phase, it is clearly not an identity. For comparison, must we also accept anorexia, body dysmorphic disorder and body integrity identity disorder as identities instead of disorders? Must we change our laws to accommodate their internal feelings of obesity, ugliness and disability if we offend them also? After all, they too are all-consuming struggles to alter ones external world to match their inner subjective emotional world.

The onus on all types of mental dysfunction should be on the individual, doctors and family to find ways of curing it. The world cannot be responsible for validating, glorifying and encouraging a transitory and confused psychological dysfunction and delusion. Social, legal, family, educational and medical support can never change a biological fact.

We have made great advances in recent times in our understanding of neural plasticity. People can change, learn to cope, the brain can be rewired, kids grow up and gays can become straight. But if we continue to encourage the normalisation of sexual and gender disorders, we will produce a generation of dysfunctional brain structures, create an ever-increasingly dysfunctional culture and reap a dysfunctional destiny as a civilisation.

If we continue on our current politically correct intellectual pathway then it is only a matter of time before all forms of sexual behaviour and disorder become normalised. Same-sex marriage will likewise allow people whose culture accepts such things to argue for polygamous marriage, forced marriage and marriage to minors. How long will it be before paedophilia is normalised? Think about the speed of cultural change in the last 30 years. Why shouldn’t the next thirty be just as radical?

The transgender agenda is yet another example of a society and entire civilisation morphing from rationality to emotion as its standard for ethics and law. We are no longer able to challenge others if their religious, ethnic, sexual or chosen gender. Heaven forbid, we cannot even allow young people’s political feelings to be offended, as we saw after the 2016 election of Donald Trump as US president. Inner subjective feelings must be validated with all the weight of the law. We now live with a younger generation of “snowflakes” who are increasingly intolerant of logic if it offends their core values and feelings. Free speech is therefore under severe attack in the western world and “offence” is the weapon being used to bludgeon it into submission.

The attributes of the Judeo-Christian worldview that made the western world the freest, wealthiest, fairest and most envied in human history, are disappearing. In its place is rising an emotionally feeble, intellectually intolerant, cultural Marxism. With birth rates below replacement levels across the western world is it only a matter of time before our culture is another footnote in world history?

These sexual norms and the humanist agenda have an intriguing Achilles heel. Because they demanded tolerance of their views by the worldview that went before them, they now in turn are being made to tolerate Muslim demands for acceptance and privilege for their religious and cultural norms, most of which conflict violently with the sexual agenda being pushed by radical western humanists. A clash is on the horizon as immigrant Islamists see the western world as morally and culturally corrupt. Thus the sexual revolution will soon run hard up against growing Islamic influence and intolerance.

As a Christian, father of three, husband, adoptive father and career high school teacher, I am gravely concerned for the future of our civilisation. Our cultural headwinds include mass importation of beliefs that are in direct conflict with the Judeo-Christian values that built our western nations, an aging population combined with plunging birth rates, a huge and rising number of dysfunctional families, massive national and personal indebtedness that will rob our grandchildren of the prosperity we enjoy, political incompetence and lack of understanding at all levels, creeping socialistic atheism under the label of political correctness, ever-increasing Islamist agitation, personal moral and ethical decline, and now the radical homosexual/transgender agenda.

It was Christians in centuries past who built western civilisation, so here’s the good news. In the year 1900 only 1% of the world’s population were considered evangelical Christians, and they were mostly white and western. By the year 2000 the percentage had grown to 7% of the world’s population, but three quarters of all these followers of Jesus Christ were living in non-western countries in Africa, South America, China, India and Asia. Currently we are standing at over 8% and heading toward 12% by mid-century. Very few of these future Christians will be white and many will have Christian community structures vastly different from the church models familiar to westerners. Judeo-Christian civilisation is dying in the west, but is also about to flower and enjoy several centuries of world changing freedoms, prosperity and liberty in many other parts of the world. Now that’s good news!

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness.” Isaiah 5:20.

Thank you for reading.

Kevin Davis