Who the heck is Victor Choudrie I hear you ask!

Well, in November 2009 Annette and I were privileged to attend the very first world house church leader’s conference in New Delhi India, which was hosted by Victor. We are not house church leaders but were in the country at the time and were allowed to attend. What we saw in those four days blew our mind! The developing world is rapidly moving away from the European cultural paradigm of church and adopting a model closer to the New Testament. The results are amazing. Leaders from 40 countries shared with us their strategies, visions and current growth status. It was like being pulled up into the stratosphere and getting a global view of what God is doing in the great arc of humanity that lives in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

India, under Victor’s humble leadership, is leading this global movement and has many independent house church movements that work loosely together. Since they were birthed in the early 1990’s they have seen at least 5 million people from mostly Hindu backgrounds come to faith from the previously resistant north of India. Their growth rate varies from 10% to 40% a year depending on the movement and the circumstances. At their current rate of growth they will see over 100 million people become followers of Jesus by 2050 in a nation that in on course to become a superpower.

Victor is a surgeon by trade who has been called to ‘father’ the dozen or so leaders of these house church planting movements. In early 2008 God gave him to prepare the Indian house church movement for the biggest baptism in history. On Pentecost Sunday 2009 the house church movement across India saw 300,000 verified baptisms in a single day in tens of thousands of locations around India!

The following teaching cards are most of his essential teachings for new believers boiled down into simple, one page lessons. They articulate his radical and practical philosophy of Jesus, church and our mission. They are a call for Christians to join the spiritual and cultural revolution that Jesus began. It is no accident the Indian house church movement’s goal is to win 51% of the Indian population to Jesus and reform all of society in the process. They believe the future belongs to Jesus. They believe in future cultural victory as opposed to our western belief in cultural defeat. They have tapped into the heart of God.


From Victor…

“These teaching cards are extensively used in training seminars for church planters by our Master Builders. It is not to be used sequentially but in the context of the existing competencies of the trainees. These topics are ideal for discussion in house churches. They have to be repeated several times before proper comprehension of the New Testament model of churches emerges. The topics are designed both for background knowledge and practical skills needed for bringing about a saturation church planting movement.”

1.     THE GREAT COMMISSION                                                               

2.     WHAT IS CHURCH                                                                              

3.     GOD’S WILL AND PURPOSES                                                           

4.     GOD’S END VISION                                                                             

5.     JESUS NEEDS LABOURERS                                                             

6.     THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH                                                  

7.     THE TRIPLET CHURCH                                                                                 

8.     TENFOLD FUNCTIONS OF THE CHURCH                                     

9.     TRAINING WISE MASTERBUILDERS                                                       

10.   MULTIPLICATION                                                                             

11.   WHO IS A DISCIPLE                                                                          

12.   ELDERS QUALIFICATION AND FUNCTION                                

13.   YOU ARE A ROYAL PRIEST NOT JUST A LAYMEN                  

14.   FIVE STEPS OF MATURITY CYCLE                                               

15.   FIVEFOLD MINISTRY GIFTS                                                           

16.   SACRIFICE IS TRUE WORSHIP                                                       

17.    BAPTISM: A DEFINING MOMENT                                              

18.    THE ROLE OF WOMEN                                                                    

19.    THE LORD’S PRAYER                                                                     

20.    PRAY, PROCLAIM & POSSESS THE NATION                                          

21.    PRAYER WALKING: TEN STEPS                                                   

22.    KINGDOM PRAYERS                                                                     

23.    RESULT OF PRAYERLESSNESS                                                    

24.    THE MINISTRY OF FASTING                                                         

25.    SPIRITUAL WARFARE                                                                   

26.    DIVINE HEALING                                                                           

27.    TITHE                                                                                               

28.    BREAKING CURSES                                                                       

29.    UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS                                                    

30.    ORALITY AND STORYTELLING                                                  

31.    FOUNDATIONAL TEACHINGS                                                    

32.    ATTRITION TO ACCRETION                                                         

33.    PERSECUTION                                                                                

34.    PAUL’S 5-FOLD STRATEGY FOR EVANGELISM                        


36.   WHAT JESUS SAID AND DIDN’T SAY                                          

37.   FROM A MODERN CHURCH TO  THE NT MODEL                      

38.   TWO THINGS TO KNOW & TWO THINGS TO DO                       

39.   STEPS TO CHURCH PLANTING: LUKE 10                                   

40.   FATHERHOOD                                                                                


42.   PARTNERSHIP                                                                                

43.   VISION                                                                                                                   

44.   KINGDOM OF GOD                                                                         

45.   CULTURE CLASH                                                                           

46.   HISTORY OF THE HOUSE CHURCH