7. Conclusion

Evolution’s prime axiom is a disproved concept, but is taught in almost every high school and university in the world. It is not the first false paradigm to be universally believed in a culture, and will not be the last. What makes it so significant is that it forms the foundation upon which all Western countries have built their mores, ethics, laws, institutions and reality over the course of the Twentieth Century. As a meta-narrative it informs popular culture at every angle, from Hollywood, to literature, to YouTube. The evolutionary prime axiom is the intellectual and foundation stone of the dominant secular-materialist worldview. It is an intellectual Tower of Babel.

This evolutionary worldview has now all but destroyed the Judeo-Christian worldview in Europe, the USA, England and its former colonies. It also at one time enslaved half the world via the evil of Communism and Nazism. It has become the secular religion of the modern era. Its guru and high priest was Charles Darwin. Its “churches” are the modern universities. Its “nurseries” are our high schools. A scientist does not have to be an atheist to be an evolutionist, but they have to hold personal beliefs completely compatible with atheism to embrace evolution. Evolution thus promotes philosophical atheism on a global scale.

For any tenured scientist to question the evolutionary prime axiom is to invite ridicule, loss of career, embarrassment, cancellation of funding and demotion. It is a powerful from of intellectual apartheid. Everyone knows it’s a “fact” and only “idiots” would question such a “self-evident” we all now “know” to be the truth.

But the prime axiom is false. The evidence is overwhelming. If we did not evolve then how did we get here? The only conclusion possible is that we are indeed created beings. We were physically designed by an obviously benevolent intelligence infinitely beyond our comprehension. This leaves several options:

One: This being could be an alien, but then this would simple push the questions of origin back one step. The more logical conclusion is that this creative being exists outside the physical universe.

Two: This being could be a force of some sort, similiar to that of Hindu beliefs. But a force cannot act intelligently to create, and the eternal flame of Hinduism and New Age beliefs is itself part of creation.

Three: This leaves an infinitely powerful, intelligent and personal creator residing outside of and superior to its creation. The Gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the only contenders. The first two are the same, while the Allah of Islam is vastly different. Its foundation is one of plagiarism, fabrication, manipulation, violence, genocide and blackmail. Hardly the evidence we are looking for! If we were designed for a purpose, one of relationship, this doubly negates Islam as there is no possibility of relationship with Allah.

Four: This leaves Yahweh, the creator of Biblical history. The existence of genetic entropy in the real world fits neatly with the Biblical narrative of a once perfect, but now fallen creation. Evolutionary theory is but the latest dogma created by humans to divert us from our purpose of relationship with our creator.

It is my hope that you will turn from this false atheistic worldview and begin the journey back to relationship with your creator. My journey has led me to faith in Jesus Christ and I hope yours does too.

Thank you for reading this far!


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