The Book of Revelation Explained

So what is the Bible’s book of Revelation REALLY all about?

Being one of the most enigmatic books in all historical literature, Revelation doesn’t give up its secrets easily. So let’s put it simply: Every divorce needs a document, and in this summary of the book of Revelation, I will take you step by step through the sad and messy detail of the greatest divorce document in all of history; the end of Israel’s relationship with the creator. Most modern readers are culturally, historically, geographically and theologically cut off from the great wars that destroyed all of Israel in 70AD and laid it waste for 1,800 years. Yet it occupies over 400 verses of the New Testament and should be common knowledge to all Christians. To help fill this knowledge gap, I have put this commentary together to help other Christians trek verse by verse right through Revelation to get a sensible and accurate understand of this most distorted of books.

In this book I will unpack:
The exquisite symbolism and the dating of the book
The preamble, where Jesus, the creator of the New Covenant, reveals himself
The historical prologue, where Jesus reviews his relationship with his people
The stipulations, where the scroll of the New Covenant is opened by the Lamb of God
The judgements, where God initiates the great divorce judgement against Israel the harlot

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