The Watched Universe

In my first post I told you how quantum physics has shown that an electron can have mass and no mass, and that it “knows” when humans are watching, behaving as matter only when we are watching. The rest of the time it just doesn’t exist. It is like it materialises out of another dimension. I think this idea needs a little more unpacking as it is the central tenant of quantum physics.

That an electron can be an energy field and a solid particle means that matter materialises out of energy waves that are not local. They could be anywhere. On a larger scale this would be called magic, and still is by many quantum physics experts. This reality tells us the existence of matter is uncertain and non local. Only through observation by intelligence can it manifest as matter.

I mentioned John Wheeler in the first post. He is a world-class physicist and the man who invented the term “black hole”. Wheeler gave a lot of thought to the above mentioned observer effect on electrons and came to the conclusion that the entire universe can only exist if it is being watched, that an observer is absolutely essential to the Big Bang’s materialisation and existence. He asked the question “what sort of a creature qualifies for this position.”

This fits in perfectly with the Biblical worldview, but no other. Not the atheistic views of various shades, or pantheistic New Age beliefs, nor Hindu or Buddhist. You see it is only an intelligent observer who creates the effect. If that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, then good, it was meant to.

God bless


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