Evidence for Genetic Entropy From the Real World

The second law of thermodynamics states that total energy always decreases over time in a closed system. Things break down! The human genome is also subject to mutational entropy at 300 mutations per generation. So, if we extrapolate backwards we come to a point at which our genome must have zero entropy and was perfect. Travelling forward in time we come to a point when all genomes will be extinct. Here are six lines of evidence proving genetic entropy:

1. RNA viruses

The Spanish Flu, H1N1, killed between 50 and 100 million people. By 2009 it was extinct after 15% of its genome of 12,600 nucleotides had mutated. It followed a perfect linear mutation accumulation rate and a perfect exponential biological decay curve. The H2N2 and H3N2 outbreaks are now following the same decay curve.

2. From 450,000 to 3.6 million in 4,000 years

The accumulation of human mutations has grown from 450,000 in Eskimos that lived 4,000 years ago to approximately 3.6 million mutations today. Extrapolating backwards gives us a perfect human genome around 4,000BC. This equates to 15,000 new mutations per generation sometime in our recent past compared to the 300 per generation today. This is a differential demanding further study.

3. Recent Deterioration

In addition, a 2013 study of 6,515 individuals concluded that approximately 86% of all single nucleotide mutations predicted to be deleterious arose in the past 5,000-10,000 years. These are definitely not figures and dates friendly to evolutionary theory.

4. Research Numbers

Professor James Crow estimates we are experiencing a 1-2% drop in human genetic fitness per generation.  Professor Michael Lynch estimates we are experiencing an even more alarming 5% drop in genetic fitness per generation.

5. From the pens of geneticists

Herman Muller

“…an asexual population incorporates a kind of ratchet mechanism, such that…lines become more loaded with mutations.”

Alexy Kondrashov

“Accumulation of VSDM’s (very slightly harmful mutations) in a linage…acts like a time bomb…the existence of vertebrate lineages should be limited to 106-107 generations.

Michael Lynch

Our results provide no evidence for the existence of a threshold population size beyond which a population is completely invulnerable to a mutational meltdown.

Noel Howell

“We should increase our attention to the broader question of how (or whether) organisms can tolerate, in the sense of evolution, a genetic system with such a high mutational burden.”

James Crow

“I do regard mutation accumulation as a problem. It is something like the population bomb, but it has a much longer fuse.”

Fred Hoyle

“When the environment is not fixed there is a slow genetic erosion… which natural selection cannot prevent.”

Adam Eyre-Walker & Peter Keightley

“…deleterious mutation rates appear to be so high in humans and our close relatives that it is doubtful that such species could survive…”

Michael Lynch

“Without a reduction in the germline transmission of deleterious mutations, the mean phenotypes of the residents in the industrialized nations are likely to be rather different in just two or three centuries.”

6. Genetic diseases are increasing

The World Health Organisation estimates that 10,000 diseases are now known to be caused by point mutations in reproductive DNA. The number is increasing annually. As more and more recessive mutations are colliding with each other.

7. The Biblical genealogies

There is one other recorded long term exponential biological decay in nature. This time it is actually in us humans. The ancient Hebrew people faithfully recorded the lifespans of all descendants over 70 generations after Noah. The result is astounding. It also follows a near perfect exponential biological decay curve.  In addition science has now proved all women are descended from a single woman, and all men from a single man. The dates given for these two ancestors range from 25,000 to 450,000 years, far too short for the evolutionary timescale.


Evidence for genetic entropy does indeed exist in the real world. Evidence comes from RNA viruses, ancient preserved human DNA, ancient genealogies, increasing genetic disease load and verified human fitness decline. Problems with the concept of mutational advance and natural selection are also acknowledged, over and over again, by the world’s leading population geneticists. One researcher even suggested in the title of his research paper that we as humans should have “died 100 times over”. Evolution is a myth. The evidence says we were quite recently made perfect and are heading on a one way path to extinction.

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