A Liger, a Wolphin and a Zorse!

Check out the three photos below, one of a liger (cross between a lion and a tiger), a wolphen (a cross between a killer whale, which is in reality a large dolphin, and a dolphin) and a zorse (a cross between a horse and a zebra). Each is a hybrid between two species and a hybrid is often has better vigour, as can be seen in the size of the liger.

How can these creatures exist? It’s a hard question for an evolutionist but an easy one for a creationist.

God made all creatures “after their own kind” and this means there was a cat kind, a bear kind, dolphn kind, horse kind etc. Our modern classification of “species” is one level down from “kind”. The modern name for “kind” is genus.

This explains how Noah could have taken all the animals onto the ark. He only needed one sample from each kind on the ship. One bear, one cat, one dog. Evolutionists often laugh at the concept of all species fitting into a ship 140m by 50m, when in reality they weren’t there and the kinds could have fitted easily, with room to spare.