Asking Jesus A Question: Whats The Real Reason For Easter?

I have recently begun asking Jesus questions and recording the answers I get in a journal. It is revolutionising my Christian walk! Here is the question I asked this morning and the answer I felt come into my heart as I began to write…

“Jesus, its Easter. Please give me a fresh revelation of why you died to set us free.”

“It was an honour for me to come to the cross for you. You are the most important person in the universe if you can see it through the lens of the cross – it was all about you, not me.

I died to myself so that YOU could know who you really are, have the blindness of your heart and eyes replaced with eyes that can see the universe, my universe correctly. It was for you that I died so that you could be free to be with me, to approach me, to be intimate with me.

It was never about mere legalism or religious ascent. It was about intimacy – closeness, deep relationship, deep friendship and fun…lots of fun as you walk with me daily, sorting through the jobs and roles of life with the new lens of intimacy.

I am your best friend, I am with you every minute of every day, enjoying your company and guiding you in straight paths.I am the guarantor of your liberty, freedom, joy, fun and kindness.

This is why I died – it was for you to know me so well that transfer to heaven after death will be a seamless transfer from one realm to another!”

I love that last bit.

Kevin Davis

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