The Christian Coronavirus Crackpots are Coming!

There is a recorded message doing the rounds of the Christian internet space at the moment of an un-named Christian “pastor” who claims to have worked at a high level in Vodafone and makes an incredible series of claims about a dark political connection between the 5G rollout and the spread of coronavirus. We even heard a neighbour sprout the same message last week!

Please do not send his talk about 5G to anyone. If someone talks to you about it please send them the information listed below. The man who spoke is not named but is a prodigious crackpot who dishonours the name of Jesus at every turn in the talk. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to profit from the ignorance of common people. The message comes from a website called, a fake news website and part of a whole cluster of fake news sites that are run by a major conspiracy advocate, Mike Adams.

Counterpoints to the speech in question:

1. He fundamentally doesn’t understand the physics of radio frequencies by claiming the 5G tower roll out is causing coronavirus by destroying normal people’s body cells. What a claim! Truth: As you double your distance from any radio frequency source, its power to impact your body drops by 75%. So usually the biggest source of RF exposure are mobile phones you are using and wi-fi routers in our home. Why hasn’t he told his viewers to stop using these or turn them off overnight. According to his argument, the strategy of getting rid of mobile phones should be the first line of defence to helping his listeners. I find it odd that he says he’s concerned about 5G but then doesn’t have any real tangible science-based recommendations to reduce exposure.

2. Coronaviruses are not caused by radio waves breaking down cells. Yes, radio frequencies can cause the generation of free radicals (what he unscientifically calls ‘poison’), along with increased inflammation and an inhibition of melatonin production. He’s not using any of the actual scientifically studied effects of radio frequencies on human cell cultures, and I think it’s because he has no clue what he’s talking about, because these could really strengthen his argument! There are already 400 known coronaviruses known to us. They all come from animals.

3. 5G has not even been rolled out to most of the places where the virus is spreading. Therefore on this point alone his case collapses. Also, what we currently call 5G is really just a bit higher in frequency than 4G and is largely in the same frequency bands. True 5G in the upper frequency range won’t be rolled out on a mass scale until later when more infrastructure is in place and more devices have the capability to use it. For his argument to still be accurate, this final roll out would kill us all instantly, including the 1% whom he claims is behind this conspiracy!

4. His argument that old people are most vulnerable is plain wrong, Children are more far susceptible to the effects of radiation than adults because of their softer bones, developing bodies and rapid cell duplication. That’s why we try to educate children about the dangers of mobile phones. For some strange reason the speaker thinks it’s the other way around.

5. He is selling merchandise!!! He sells VPN shields and other branded merchandise. He is also taking donations and trying to set up his own currency that he wants you to use. “Trust me. I have the answer! Buy my stuff as it will save you”. This is all very suspicious. He is just like the priests at the temple ripping people off before Jesus drove them out. He has a financial bias in this and should be treated with caution due to his obvious conflicts of interest.

6. Who is “they” he keeps referring to. This is the same old one-world government conspiracy theory flogged by Christians who don’t know how the world works and want to appear clever. It’s been going on for generations simply because gullible Christians have a flawed understanding of the Kingdom of God and the victory we were given when Jesus took authority over the earth after his victory on the cross. I find it instructive that this man says nothing about the salvation of souls.

7. Russia has actually been hiding it’s Coronavirus case numbers. Many countries have actually under-reported their numbers, especially China. Russia’s official numbers have nothing to do with their colder weather as he claims. He very conveniently left out South Korea In his broad sweeping statement of countries and infection rates. This is because they have a completely rolled out 5G system but have very low levels of the virus. Their problem was actually a Christian cult that thought they had secret knowledge and were cleverer than everyone else so they disobeyed the coronavirus warnings. This speaker is just like their leader… “the world is bad. I have the answers. I will save you.”

8. This pandemic is actually the biggest threat ever to the 5G rollout as the resulting decade-long economic depression we are entering will stall all sorts of economic activity.

9. His claim that the Spanish Flu was caused by the invention of the radio is ludicrous.
Spanish flu stayed around for nearly 90 years and became extinct in the late 20th century. It stayed around long enough to be gene sequenced. As a side note Spanish Flu died out because it devolved, not evolved. It was a great example of why the theory of evolution is also a conspiracy theory as it disobeys the iron-clad law of entropy. Everything is devolving (breaking down), including us at about 300 mutations per person per generation.

10. The claim that governments are deliberately doing this is also stupid. Between a conspiracy and a stuff up, always go for the stuff up!!!! Politicians are public servants for goodness sake, and want to get re-elected!!!! A plan for world domination this large and complex would have leaked long ago. Just ask Chuck Colson how hard it was to keep Nixon’s Watergate problem under wraps! This conspiracy is a million times larger.

11. The speaker also states that “evidence” demonstrates that vaccines are making you more susceptible to viruses. He says you can even look up the scientific studies, but then moves straight on to his next wow moment as if this is so self-evident that it doesn’t even warrant any evidence or explanation. Please explain!!!

12. He makes very a dangerous statement that getting tested for coronavirus will infect you with the virus! This is hugely irresponsible and will cause people who are stupid enough to believe him not to get tested and seek treatment when they are sick. He may well be responsible for deaths because of his ignorance.

13. Here we go again…the old micro-chip under the skin theory and mark of the beast! He hasn’t have a clue about the Book of Revelation and what it meant. Educate yourself and just read the first three verses to find out it’s purpose and timeframe for completion.

14. Finally I agree with him…yes coronavirus will usher in a global economic depression!

15. He says “they” want to take over the world’s money supply. “They” already control the worlds finance because “they” are called central banks issuing fiat currency. Sorry speaker, that takeover occurred a hundred years ago. The irony is that this coming economic disruption is so large that their precious fiat financial empire is going to collapse because of this coming depression. We will probably be back on a gold standard within a decade or two because fiat currencies are going to be printed to oblivion. God-backed money is God’s system, not mans.

16. He says the shutting of churches is part of the conspiracy because when we sing in church an electrical energy is released that somehow empowers us and the one world government hates us singing!!! Actually the shutdown of Western churches is a huge blessing. The Western system of doing church in a dedicated building was actually invented by the Greeks and Romans centuries after the Jews started Christianity with house churches. The forced move to house churches in the West means the church now goes underground and spreads to neighbours and friends far faster. House church is the reason why the church is growing much faster in the third world. Get a grip!

17. He suggests this global conspiracy is going to usher in the Antichrist. Sorry to pop his bubble but the term Antichrist is not in the Book of Revelation and has nothing to do with the present or the future. The only references are found in 1John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3 and 2John verse 7. PLEASE read them! There are no other references to the term Antichrist in all the Bible. Antichrist has nothing to do with the future, but the 1st Century readers of John’s letters and simply referred to people who strongly opposed the spread of the Gospel. This speaker has never read these verses and if you too think the Antichrist has something to do with an evil leader lurking somewhere in the future who will take over the earth…you haven’t read the Bible either!

18. The speaker concludes with some ideas about what the Body of Christ can do. Actually it could do no better than to get rid of idiots like this nutter! Who gave this guy a platform to speak? Stop listening to him and educate yourself about our future victory (Matthew 28:18-20). All authority over this earth now belongs to Jesus, not humans. The future will see the discipling of the whole earth. Otherwise Matthew 28:18-20 is a lie! But it’s not, this guy is the lie.

19. Right through the talk this man makes claim after claim but presents not a single piece of hard evidence to back his claims, just conjecture and broad unspecific statements. He is a cult leader in the making, if not already there. He preys on ignorant people who don’t want to think for themselves. If it wasn’t so serious I would have thought it was all a James Bond plot!

20. It is embarrassing to hear this man say all these lies in the name of Jesus. This is so offensive to the Body of Christ and he will pay a price before the throne of God for his deceptions. He also repeatedly mixes New Age “energy”, warped concepts about quantum physics and “electrical” powers with the work of the Holy Spirit. More nonsense and quite disturbing.

He makes me so angry!



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