6. The Role Of The Holy Spirit


Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit at the beginning of his ministry (Luke 3:21-22). He also said being filled with the Holy Spirit was a very big deal and essential for future ministry (John 16:7-15). The disciples were told not to begin their mass movement until the Holy Spirit had arrived (Acts 1:4-5. Below are some further instructions on the baptism of the Holy Spirit:

Matthew 28:19: Instructions to go and baptise people in the Holy Spirit

Mark 16:17: Speaking in tongues is a sign of a believer

Acts 1:4-8: Jesus says power will come with the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:4: The 120 were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues

Acts 2:38: First repentance, then baptism and then the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Acts 4:31: The Holy Spirit came with power

Acts 10:44-46: Holy Spirits came with speaking in tongues

Acts 19:2-6: The baptism in the Holy Spirit came with tongues

1 Corinthians 12:1-11: The gifts of the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 14:1-18: Some instructions about speaking in tongues

If you have not yet been filled with the Holy Spirit as per the above scriptures and teaching, start praying for this right now. It is a gift from our father and essential for the work of the ministry.


Jesus modelled how he wants us to live:

John 5:19-20: He only did what he saw the father doing

John 5:30: He only judged as his father told him to do

John 6:45: He said we will be taught directly by God

John 10:4: Jesus’ is our shepherd. His sheep know his voice

John 10:16: Jesus has other sheep who will hear his voice (us!)

John 10:27: My sheep listen to my voice. They follow me.

John 14:26: The Holy Spirit will be our teacher and reminded us of Jesus’ words

John 16:13: The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.

Jesus wants to talk to you and guide you into all truth, in every aspect of your life! We are his children. A child is continually receiving instructions on how to live from its natural parents. Their mum and dad’s delight is to train them up in the skills needed to live a successful life. It is the same with our heavenly parents, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

How do we hear his voice?

Through a gentle small whisper. Through our conscience. Through scripture. Through others It will happen faster the more you draw near to him in friendship. It jumps out at us and is often a voice in the third person talking with us. Ask questions and the Holy Spirit will answer.

A toddler begins to hear single words. Then progresses to sentences. It’s the same with hearing from God. So begin by asking the Holy Spirit to whisper single words to you. Ask questions like: What do you think of me? What do you want me to do? What should I do today? Who should I share your love with today?


Acts 13:1-3:

The church in Antioch sets aside Saul and Barnabas for a specific ministry

Acts 16:6-10:

Paul was told to go to Europe, not Asia

This planted Christianity in Europe so that it would not wither and die 1,000 years later under Islam.

Note: The Holy Spirit is talking to non-believers all the time, drawing them toward him and convicting them of sin, judgement and righteousness (John 16:8). Our job is to obey the Holy Spirit and He will lead us to them. Those that the Holy Spirit is talking to could be the persons of peace talked about in Luke 10.


Make sure you are baptised in the Holy Spirit and know how to bring others through.

  1. Then make sure all your Christian friends are also filled with the Holy Spirit
  2. Practice listening to the Holy Spirit in small groups. Ask questions and then listen.
  3. Pray for a single word, vision, message for the person in the middle.
  4. Ask God a question. Then write in a journal everything that comes into your mind.
  5. Guidance from the Holy Spirit comes better if you are asking questions.
  6. Read John 15:15 and ask Jesus what it means to you.
  7. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you should go this afternoon to share the Gospel.
  8. Ask God questions and then journal the thoughts that flow quickly into your mind.