8. Brainstorming A Vision



Find out what Gods end-vision is:

Matthew 6:10: Your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Mark 4:30-32: The mustard seed

Acts 1:8: Global evangelism with power


Answer: Saturation church planting

Task: 200 villages, 200,000 people.

Wanted to plant the gospel in every town and village (Luke 10:1)

Deep training for 12 workers. Sent them out on prac (Luke 9:6)

Trained 72 more workers and sent them out ahead of him.

Specifically said all the resources were in the harvest. Leave all resources behind!

Massive transformation (Luke 9:7-17)

This was a model for us to follow!

Also thoroughly research the book of Acts to find out how growth began in the early church:

What was the role of the Holy Spirit?

What was their attitude toward missions?

What did Paul do?

How did he train?

What did the churches look like?

How were they started, funded, grow?

How fast did it spread?

What was their structure?


What would it look like to see the job done. Brainstorm. Start there. Begin with the end vision firmly thought through:

Where is your target area?

What is the population?

Is it rural or city?

How many simple churches will you need to plant so everyone can get to a meeting?

How to get resources like Bibles?

What about indigenous worship?

How do we make the churches reproducible?

How do we train workers? What do we train them in?

What is the best way to spread the Gospel?

How to find a person of peace.

Caution: Don’t put faith in the plan but always plan your faith. Plans are the beginning point. They are adjustable, flexible