Financial Freedom Forever

For the last decade I have averaged 65% capital gains per year compound in the stock market, but it didn’t come easy. The prior twenty years of investment stuff-ups taught me that the hardest lesson to learn for any investor is to control their “animal spirits”, their personality flaws of greed and fear.

It was only after I understood and addressed my own “animal spirits” that I started seeing the results I knew I was capable of. With this education resource you can avoid many of my mistakes and fast track your investment journey and avoid making the same mistakes that I made.

Success only comes only to minds that have learned self-control and this book is about training your mind for the battle to create financial security and keep it safe from the massive inflationary nightmare just ahead. In my book you will learn about:

• My personal journey from failure to success. I failed so much I became an expert!
• Mental poverty and mental wealth. It all starts in the mind
• Getting yourself motivated for success, firing up your self-belief system
• The power of childhood experiences to subconsciously shape your choices
• Personality blind spots that become roadblocks to wealth
• How the government steals from your wallet every day
• The flow of information down through the market from insiders to us
• How to buy in and sell out well. Most of us do the opposite
• Reading stock charts and the patterns they create

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