Why The Authoritarian Right Is Rising

In 1988 Pat Buchannon ran for President of the United States. He failed of course, but as part of his campaign I manned a phone bank for him in Dallas Texas while a student there. He now runs an influential website that comments on issues of social significance. His latest blurb is a thoughtful contribution to the rise of the “far” right across the Western world. From Trump, to Brexit, to all of Eastern Europe, and one could even say France under Marcon, the voters of the world are turning away from the internationalist agenda of the elites.

Some call it a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam. Its actually more complicated than that.  It is just as much a clash between the legacy Christendom worldview and civilization that is the cornerstone of Western civilization but now so much despised by the humanist, Atheistic Western elites. Eastern Europe, led by Poland has, at least politically, recently returned to the Christendom way of thinking about the world after seeing the soul-destroying consequences of Communistic atheism. This is why Eastern Europe refuses to dilute its culture with immigrants. and is voting in politicians who will keep it that way.

And then there is the Islamic political agenda that has, for 1,400 hundred years, tried to conquer Europe (think of Southern Italy, all of Spain, Southern France, all of Portugal, Greece, the Balkans right through to Vienna, all of North Africa and all of Turkey as once or still occupied Christian lands).

So click on the link and have a read of Pat’s thoughts. I think they make sense.

Kevin Davis